Natural Light Mother and Child Portraits in NYC - Upper West Side Photography Studio

Veronica and her toddler and daughter came to my New York City portrait studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for child and family photos that focused on their sweet relationship. I call sessions with just mama and her babies motherhood sessions because they aim to capture sweetness of being a mama to little ones. When your babies and children are small, the adoration is total and reciprocal: the mother/child bond is something to behold. I also know it is something that must be savored (as I recall my own teenage years). And I believe that something this powerful, beautiful and fleeting should be documented in an artful way. Enter: motherhood sessions.

Where is the best place to document mama and her babies? I gleefully document bath time in clients’ homes or swing time in Central Park. My favorite place to capture real and meaningful connection between a mother and her child, however, is in my studio. There, I use neutral clothes and simple props (such as a bed, chair and ottoman) to let the focus remain on those sweet expressions and embraces unique to the early years of motherhood. The studio is intimate and perfect for little ones; there is the right amount of space to have fun while staying close enough to mama for snuggles. (Anyone chasing a toddler through Central Park knows that it may not be the best spot to ensure snuggly photos).

I have had the pleasure of photographing Veronica, her newborn baby son, and her whole, gorgeous family for several years now. Veronica has trusted my vision through four portrait sessions capturing various stages of her motherhood journey, with a fifth already on the books. I am SO honored when clients commission me to create beautiful newborn and family photos; I am incredibly grateful when they return again and again. Here are Veronica and her two lovely children captured for a moment in time.


Nicole Hawkins Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City, as well as on location and in homes in the surrounding areas including Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester County, Hoboken, Jersey City, and Long Island.  

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