Classic Studio Portraits of Baby and Family at NHP's Upper West Side Photography Studio - NYC Baby Photographer

As a newborn photographer in New York City, I meet so many beautiful babies and families. Liam’s mama approached me for maternity photos in their Brooklyn home while pregnant, and ultimately decided to document all the amazing stages of baby’s first year by signing up for a portrait membership. (If you missed baby Liam’s newborn photos in my Upper West Side photography studio, I highly recommend you check them out!)

Liam and his family returned to my NYC portrait studio this past November to celebrate their big boy gaining mobility! Surprisingly, the day of his early fall session brought the first snow of the season. While clouds can act as a diffuser to create soft light, and snow often acts as a reflector when outdoors, if the clouds are dense, sometimes the light streaming through the windows can actually be poor quality and insufficient to crisply capture a moving target like a busy baby. The snow forecast arrived just the night before Liam’s session so rather than rescheduling, we agreed I would used studio light to ensure we created bright, airy images with a classic studio feel.

To achieve timeless portraits with a cohesive feel, Liam, Mom and Dad all opted to borrow from the studio wardrobe. When clients are on the fence about wardrobe, I often tell them something like this: I know you don’t usually hang out with your baby in a dry clean only dress (let alone one that is white or lace), or put your baby in camel colored cashmere, however, you also don’t often take the time out of your busy life for portraits. This is a special occasion. Take the opportunity to get a bid dolled up; you will have fun, feel great and look beautiful as a result. My wardrobe is carefully selected to ensure your final portraits have an ageless appeal and will look just as beautiful on your walls now as they will in 30 years. What’s perhaps even more special about using wardrobe? The client and I both want their final portraits to reflect the family’s love and genuine emotion above all else. My neutral, simple studio wardrobe encourages focus to fall exactly where we want it: on your family.

Sometimes, we do incorporate some of my clients’ own clothing, particularly when the family has a distinct style that simply must be celebrated. Here, you’ll notice that we include a few portraits of mom wearing a stunning red ensemble with tasteful accessories, which she wore to work that day. Mama has gorgeous, bold style that worked so well in Liam’s newborn photos (those stripes and earrings were amazing, right?), so we decided to incorporate mama’s own pieces again during Liam’s milestone session.

This spring we’ll all meet up for the final portrait session in Liam’s membership, but this time in the cherry blossoms in Central Park. We will create gorgeous family photos in the pink and white blossoms at their peak beauty, and I just know I will have the best time chasing this sweet boy through the grass and all over Central Park.