Is in Home Newborn Photography in My New York City Apartment the Best Choice for My Family?

New York City parents looking for a newborn photographer often wonder whether an in home lifestyle session is right for them, or whether they should come to my Upper West Side photography studio for their newborn portraits. I am honest: it depends on a variety of factors. First, the style of images is very different so you should review my portfolio and decide which style speaks to you. Do you love the clean, neutral backdrops in my studio work? Or do you love the detailed in home images that tell the story of what it felt like to bring baby home?  For those leaning towards an in home session, but still unsure, here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Why are they called "lifestyle"?

In home newborn sessions are called lifestyle sessions because they are meant to document a beautiful moment in your life with a little extra style and minimal distraction. These images show your real life, but on a day when you had the chance to shower, select something lovely and flattering to wear, and tidy the bed and store away some of the baby odds and ends.  

What are the main benefits of an in home session for the family?

Everyone feels at ease in their home, which makes for beautiful portraits. This is particularly true if big brothers or sisters are involved because they are often still adjusting to life with a new baby. Toddlers tend to be calmer on their own turf, and I'm able to start the session getting to know big brother or sister and have them show me their room, their favorite toys, and eventually, their baby.

Logistically, home sessions are often easier for the family. Clients do not have to coordinate transportation to the studio.  I am conveniently located at the corner of West 96th St. and Central Park West, close to numerous subway station, the West Side Highway, and crosstown bus, but still, getting out of the house with a newborn often feels like a herculean task.  

Finally, you get to document your home! Some clients do not consider the apartment they bring their newborn baby home to be their forever home. Choosing a home session means your child will get to see the lovely apartment where his or her life began and all the love his/her parents put into welcoming baby into the family. Your children will love flipping through a gorgeous album of mom and dad snuggling them on the couch in living room of their first family home. I promise that if your home is filled with love, I will create beautiful portraits of your family and you will not regret documenting this special place in your family's history.

What if my home isn't picture perfect?

Almost no newborn home is picture perfect and there is nothing I haven't seen. I guide clients on how to best prep for the session (it's simple!) and I also help tidy and adjust furniture upon arrival. During our pre-session consultation we will discuss the light in your home and I will determine if the natural light is sufficient, or whether I need to bring some supplemental light. If you're apartment needs some more light, or it's a bit cloudy on our session date, I have you covered and your final images will have the beautiful light and amazing emotion you expect from all my work. 

So what does an in home lifestyle newborn session look like? You can view my portfolio here, or take a look at some of baby Shea's gorgeous in home newborn portraits taken on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.