Baby Reid's Newborn Lifestyle Session - NYC Newborn Photography

Baby Reid was born this past spring and I had the honor of photographing him when he was just under a month old in his lovely home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The beauty of newborn in-home lifestyle sessions is that they can be scheduled whenever mama feels up for it. Unlike studio newborn sessions, which are best held in the first two weeks of baby's life to ensure baby is nice and sleepy, in-home sessions can be done weeks after baby's arrival if mama so chooses. 

In-home lifestyle sessions have the added benefit of capturing the whole family and all the love and chaos that comes from bringing a new baby into your home. Trust me - your kid (or kiddos) will want to see where you lived when your family was new and young and crazy. So will you. New mamas are wishing for more sleep and more space and more help and more... everything. It is hard. And there is a fog. You will be happy there are beautiful images of that time and place and those people when the fog lifts. 

I have a particularly soft spot in my heart for lifestyle sessions involving older siblings. I make sure to give big brother or sister lots of attention they so clearly want during this transitional time in their lives. I expect older siblings to have LOTS of feelings about the new family dynamic and probably mixed feelings about the little one. I also fully anticipate they will express ALL of those emotions at some point during the session and guess what? I capture them all. I love the gushy shots, but I also love big brother or sis doing their own thing or trying to monopolize mom or dad's attention. Big brother pokes at new baby bro? Worth capturing. Baby bro will laugh at that photo when he is bigger than his big brother, and both of them will love seeing how their relationship developed from the beginning.

Reid's big sister was full of life and really had a lot of love to give her new baby brother.  She and all her lovin' on baby Reid were an absolute joy to photograph.

For more of this lovely family, you can see some recent images I created of Baby Reid's beautiful extended family having a great time in Central Park here .