Summer Kickoff in Long Beach - New York Documentary Family Photography

There is no better way to kick off summer than hitting the beach and there is no better beach within close proximity to the city than Long Beach, NY.  Jack and I traveled to Long Beach all through the winter and have been anxiously awaiting the warm weather and the return of beach season. Our only definitive plans for Memorial Day Weekend were to hit the beach and to see some of my brothers, my sister-in-laws and my nephew. Luckily for us, they all happen to live at the beach.

The morning started out with gorgeous, bright blue skies. I never fear shooting in the harsh midday sun with skies like this. I take a documentary approach, making sure to include as much of the beautiful backdrop as possible. The weather quickly evolved, however, and those beautiful puffy white clouds spread thick across the sky, casting soft, diffused light over the beach and my family. For the dramatic grand finale, the clouds went heavier still, and became dark and threatening. 

We left the beach sandy, exhuasted and totally thrilled. 

Nicole Hawkins