photo credit: Kristy Burrell Photography

photo credit: Kristy Burrell Photography

Nicole Hawkins

Manhattan newborn, baby, & family photographer

Welcome to Nicole Hawkins Photography. I am absolutely thrilled you are looking to create beautiful portraits of your loved ones and your motherhood journey. 

Prior to becoming a professional photographer and mother, I was a lawyer. When I had my son, I looked at his beautiful face and knew I wanted to focus my life's work on the beauty of babies, families, and motherhood. 

I have always been an emotional, fun loving, detail oriented person; creating gorgeous portraits of babies, mothers and families suits my personality and brings me incredible joy. 

I hope my vision and art resonate with you.




My style is timeless, emotional, and focused on quality over quantity. I can assure you that your session will be captured with both technical competence and artistic vision. 

I see the beauty in your babies like you do and I promise to create portraits of your loved ones that become more valuable with each passing year.


I have mentored with many of the country’s leading newborn and family portrait photographers, and ensure consistent creative growth through targeted photography education. I understand motherhood; I am a mother to one rambunctious three year old boy and a 3 month old baby girl. 


NHP is legal business, properly insured and regularly investing in continuing education, including newborn safety. I use professional-grade camera equipment and have backup gear at every session.  All my portrait clients receive the same professionalism and exceptional work product I gave my clients as a corporate attorney.


Why do I treasure photography?

Beautiful portraits are gifts to my children, my children's children, and to myself.

I want my children to see how much I love them and what beautiful, interesting, joyful people they have always been.

I want my grandbabies to see who their parents were when they were little.

I want to remember every detail of my sweet babies, who will become beautiful children, and amazing, independent people in the blink of an eye.

I can think of no greater gift to my family and myself than images of who we are and how we love. 


You and your children deserve gorgeous images of your lives together, too.

Contact me today to book your custom portrait session.