NYC Studio Motherhood Portraits - Upper West Side Baby Photographer

Why do we love our babies with all of our heart? We just do.

How can something, someone, who turns your life upside down and limits you in so many ways, also manage to be the best thing to ever happen to you? The hardest things, are often the best things.

Who are these little people? They change all the time, but somehow, they are just more themselves.

What will our lives look like 30 years from now and will either of us remember any of these precious moments? I don’t know where we’ll be, or what we’ll be doing, but we WILL remember these moments because there are photos.

Not pixels, photos.

Mamas: grab your babies, make some portraits, print them, safeguard them, and keep snuggling your little ones as long as they will let you. One day they may be too big for the snuggles, but you will have the photos.

If you are looking for print worthy photos, my Upper West Side photo studio in New York City is the perfect place. My neutral space has gorgeous natural light, as well as plenty of studio equipment to supplement the natural light when necessary, or create my own light in bad weather or for creative effects. Best of all? All mama has to do is show up because I provide an extensive studio wardrobe for her and her baby or child. You also have the option to add on hair and/or makeup with my preferred artist who can come to your home the morning of your session, or meet you at the studio, whatever works best for you. All these luxury touches not only ensure that your final portraits will be beautiful, but that you will feel great and have fun.

Carli and Joie’s session was one of the most fun mommy and me portrait sessions I’ve had in a while. Carli came by the studio on West 96th St. a few weeks before her session for a consult, which allowed her to see the studio space, select wardrobe and get to know me. Some petite sessions focus on baby, but this session was all about mom and baby Joie’s beautiful relationship. You can see and feel the mutual love in every image. The joy. Oh, my gosh, the JOY. Years from now, I know that when mama looks at these photos she will remember the joy.

If you are a mama in or around New York City looking for a few high quality portraits with your littlest love in a low stress environment, a petite studio session may be perfect for you.

Nicole Hawkins Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City, as well as on location and in homes in the surrounding areas including Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester County, Hoboken, Jersey City, and Long Island.  

Reach out today to begin planning your baby or family portrait session and learn about Nicole’s boutique experience, fine art prints and heirloom albums. Consultations are held at Nicole’s UWS studio in Manhattan, on the phone or via FaceTime, whichever you would prefer.