Baby Arin's Fresh48 - NYC Newborn Photography

"With each child, the world begins anew." How incredibly beautiful and true are those words? Whether it is the family's first child or the fifth, the baby's birth creates a new family and the world is a new place. 

There is absolutely nothing like the walking into the hospital room to see a new baby, and the new family, knowing you will create the images that will shape their memories of this moment in their lives. Veronica, Andrew, big sister Arya and I (and one-hundred other people) were anxiously awaiting Arin's arrival all winter. Veronica, the beautiful woman you see featured in my maternity portfolio, kindly invited me into her hospital room to photograph her less than 24 hour old son. I cannot express how excited I was to document this beautiful moment for Veronica and her husband in this very special way.

I arrived around 10 am the morning after the delivery at NYU and was thrilled to find Veronica on the window side of a shared room with big, beautiful windows. I worked quickly so as not to disturb mom, baby and Dad too much and achieved dozens of gorgeous images within about 45 minutes. Here are a few of my favorites.